About Group

“MACRO Group of Companies” is a leading group in Mumbai, India, started in 1991 by Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe. The group is having network in India and other countries.

The Group represents packaging industry, exports, marketing, engineering, corporate services, IT, Technology Transfers, financial services, industrial technology, industrial consultancy, industrial products, plastics products, capital goods, food processing, health care, medical equipments, laundry equipments & machines, material handling equipments, furniture, high quality consumer products, realty sector, contract manufacturing, public relations, events, exhibitions, education and other service sectors.

The group is having cooperation and association with manufacturers, marketing companies and service providers comprising of large companies, corporates, multinationals, SMEs, Government Agencies and commercial organisations from various countries. read more...

Group of Companies

Salunkhe Packaging Private Limited
Salunkhe Exports Private Limited
Geoptech Solutions Private Limited
Macro Corporate Services Private Limited
Bricks Marketing and Promotion Pvt. Ltd.
Macro Events and Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
Macro Developers & Engineers Corporation
Macro Engineering Corporation
Macro Energy - Tech Corporation
Macro Food-tech Industries
Macro Laundry Equipment Marketing Corporation
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